Interac Flash®

Interac Flash® is a way to make debit transactions faster and more convenient for our busy members – whether it is a quick coffee before heading to work, or lunch on the run.


It’s Quick and Easy!

To pay using Interac Flash® members will follow these steps:

1. Look for the Interac Flash® symbol when making debit purchases

2. Hold the card no farther than 4 cm from the front of the terminal

3. Listen for the beep or approval message that indicates the transaction is complete

4. The purchase amount will be debited from your credit union account


It’s Safe  

Some members may find it challenging to adjust from entering their pin to simply “tapping” their debit card to make a purchase. Interac Flash® truly is just as safe as the technology members are already accustomed to with their current debit card. Here are some features of Interac Flash® that will help alleviate some of the security concerns you may have:  

Interac Flash® uses secure chip processing technology  

What does this mean? Interac Flash® provides the same level of protection as Interac Debit, a technology members are already familiar and comfortable with. Through this technology, members are protected from skimming, counterfeiting, replay fraud and electronic pickpocketing.  

Members are protected by Interac’s Zero-Liability Policy  

What does this mean? Simply stated, members will not be responsible for losses resulting from circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including technical errors, system problems or fraud. As with their current debit card, members must be diligent by notifying their credit union immediately if their card is lost or stolen and check their statements regularly to verify their transactions. If unusual activity is identified, they should notify their credit union immediately.  

There is a spending limit of $100 per Interac Flash® transaction.  

What does this mean? If there is a purchase of greater than $100, the member’s PIN is required. This ensures the cardholder is the one making the purchase.  

No more than $200 can be spent in consecutive transactions  

What does this mean? Once a total of $200 has been reached in consecutive Interac Flash® transactions, a PIN is required for the next purchase. This also ensures it is the cardholder making the purchases. Once the PIN is entered, the member can continue using the Interac Flash® feature.  


If you wish, you can also have Flash de-activated from your card for a fee. Please contact Acadian Credit Union for more information.




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